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Call Toll Free: 1-800-790-8115

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Microscopes America, Inc., does not service single instruments. We service and repair a minimum of 5 instruments and we are staffed to service over 3,000 instruments sequentially.

Microscopes America, Inc., actively services microscopes, balances, scales, and autoclaves onsite in nine states.

Professional Onsite Microscope Servicing and Refurbishing:
In Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, or Kentucky:

Telephone:   +1-770-889-6362
Contact: Brad Alderholm
Contact: Grant Santarelli

Professional Onsite Microscope Servicing and Refurbishing:
In Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina or Virginia:

Telephone:   +1-904-347-0797
Contact: Chris Mulberry
Contact: Marcus Barnett


Office Manager:
Ms. Nancy McDowell

Ms. Pippi Parson

Annual Contracts:
Ms. Kelly Sampson

For Rapid Answers To Your Questions::
Telephone:   +1-800-790-8115
Direct:          +1-770-889-6263

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Microscopes America, Inc.
6340 Hampton Highlands Drive
Cumming, GA 30041-4095

Toll Free :   +1-800-790-8115

Telephone: +1-770-889-6362

Office hours are M-F 7:30AM - 6:30 PM Saturday 9AM-3PM Sunday -Closed

 Our clients are the greatest measure of success. The following are unsolicited letters and cards from our loyal customers

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Call Toll Free: 1-800-790-8115 E-mail: Info@MicroscopesAmerica.com

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